Part II: Things Are Looking Up For Hannah



“It is time to turn aside from our misplaced meditation on the privileged brain, the aristocratic heart. Let the proletariat arise. I give you… the liver! Let us celebrate that great maroon snail, whose smooth back nestles in the dome of the diaphragm, beneath the lattice of the rib cage, like some blind wise slave, crouching above its colleague viscera, secret, resourceful, instinctive. No wave of emotion sweeps it. Neither music nor mathematics gives it pause in its appointed tasks […] It was only with the separation of medicine from the apron strings of religion and the rise of anatomy as a study in itself that the liver was toppled from its central role and the heart was elevated to the chair of emotions and intellect. The brain is even more recently in the money, and still has not quite overcome the heart as the seat of the intellect, as witness the quaint reference to learning something ‘by heart.’ ”

-Richard Selzer, Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery

Chapter 4: November 2010
Chapter 4 Discussion

Chapter 5: November 2010
Chapter 5 Discussion

Chapter 6: January 2011
Chapter 6 Discussion

Chapter 7: January 2011
Chapter 7 Discussion


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