Chapter 2 Discussion

Thanks for coming back!

I was very pleased to see the interest and discussion the first chapter generated. Y’all have been great and I very much appreciate your engagement. Keep it up!

Chapter 2


7 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Discussion

  1. You accidentally a word: “Tanisha emerged from the and put her phone in her pocket as she walked to the curb.”

    Also I’m guessing you meant “couch:”
    “watch TV on your cough forever?”


    1. Also, there’s a “that.this” in there.

      Content-wise, I didn’t find the study session very believable. It had too much of an interviewer-interviewee dynamic, which I would not expect to see between classmates. Also, the information you’re providing there (background about Hannah, what Phase II is, what an IRB is) doesn’t seem to be relevant to the plot at this time, which males it look a lot like the random trivia from Dr. Starck, albeit more coherent.


      1. That’s a fair criticism, Yuriy. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, but in my defense: that is how doctors and medical students often talk to each other (I had to tone down the opening a fair bit because of this.)

        With the exception of Baltimore trivia and nostalgia, I’ve tried to make all details relevant… eventually. So wait and see!


  2. Do clinical trials actually work in the way described by Hannah in this chapter? Experiment on people in a developing country (Ghana) and then transfer that knowledge to patients in the United States? I can’t believe that drugs are made this way. Seems grossly unethical. Can a scenario happen in this way in the real world?


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